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Innovative Architectural Lighting Design
  • Form into almost any shape to direct the light where you want it
  • Maintain brightness and reflect true colour
  • Polymeric reflectors with up to 98% reflectivity
Architectural Lighting Design Inspiration
to harness the light of the sun
  • Use daylighting to reduce energy costs
  • Polymeric films capture & carry sunlight
  • 99% reflectivity keeps colour true & bright
Architectural Lighting Design Product Information
to bring your vision to light
  • Imagine your ideal lighting solution
  • Collaborate with 3M consultants
  • Design, create, & install the right light

Lighting solutions

Currently scheduled to be available in Australia from 2012, shape and transport LED or CFL light to an exact spot. Capture and carry sunlight to the deepest recesses of your building. Brighten your output while reducing lighting and energy costs. Whatever your vision, 3M can bring it to light, with cutting-edge solutions.

3M™ Custom Formed Reflectors

Image of woman in kitchen
Custom-designed to your specifications for a variety of light control options.
Free-form custom optical designs that achieve up to 98% reflectivity.

Brighter light, less energy

Image showing streetlight comparison

3M Custom Formed Reflectors can provide:

  • Improved light distribution
  • Increased light output
  • Fewer LEDs and a smaller heat sink
  • Lower wattage bulbs
  • Potential to achieve EnergySTAR rating

3M™ Sunlight Delivery System

Image of office interior
Bring sunlight deep into your building, to create a unique lighting atmosphere.
Provides specular reflection with greater than 99% luminous reflectivity.

A one-to-many ratio

Image showing how 3M Sunlight Delivery System works

With a 3M Sunlight Delivery System::

  • A single rooftop penetration can support multiple luminaries
  • Reflective film transports sunlight in both vertical and horizontal paths
  • Brightness stays strong through multiple reflections
  • Costs and energy of light production are greatly reduced

Light years ahead

You’ll find our approach to energy-saving technology quite illuminating.

Light Years Ahead