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Animal Care Solutions

For more than 100 years, people around the world have looked to 3M for products and ideas that solve problems and make their lives easier and better. Today, using 30-plus core technologies, 3M continues to develop practical and ingenious solutions to meet customer needs, in many markets, in many corners of the world. Case in point: 3M Animal Care. We have been serving the animal health industry for more than three decades, providing high quality products and service to veterinary professionals, trainers and pet owners in the companion animal and equine marketplace.

Please feel free to contact us via email use 3Mmedical ( or call the Animal Care Customer Helpline 1300 363 878 and please visit us on Facebook (see button to the right).

Our Brands


3M™ Vetrap™ Bandaging Tape
The professional choice for successful procedures. Vetrap™ bandaging tape is strong, conformable, convenient to use and comes in a wide range of colours and sizes. Vetrap™ bandaging tape is the world's first and leading brand of flexible adherent wrap for the support and protection of all animals - great and small.

3M Animal Care, equisport

3M™ Equisport™ Support Bandage:
The equine support bandage is an elastic bandage, which compliments Vetrap™ bandaging tape, and is used for equine preventative or therapeutic treatment. It has been developed as an equine athletic support bandage for limb soft tissue and bone injuries that need more support than that provided by a regular elastic bandage. Equisport™ contains 4.5 times the elastic material of Vetrap bandaging tape.

3M Animal Care, equisport

3M™ Vetbond™ Tissue Adhesive (For Veterinary Use Only)
• 3M Vetbond quickly and conveniently closes minor wounds, often
  eliminating the need for sutures and/or bandages.
• Strong bond, polymerizes in seconds.
• Economical 3 mL bottle with four "reusable" applicator tips.
• Blue dye for easy-to-see drop application.
• Ideal for a variety of procedures, including: dew claw removal,
  closing minor lacerations, tooth extractions, and oral surgery.

3M Animal Care