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3M Mining and Metallurgy Solutions for Copper Mining

Australia is the world's fifth largest producer of copper. Copper is produced from primary mines as well as a by-product of polymetallic and gold mines. In open pit mines the process begins with extracting sulphide and oxide ores by digging or blasting before the material is turned into pure copper cathode in two different ways: leaching & electrowinning or smelting and electrolytic refining. Building construction is the largest end-use market for copper products, but it can also be found in electrical and electronic products, transportation equipment, consumer products and industrial machinery and equipment.

3M Mining and Metallurgy Solutions works with companies that produce copper, helping them improve productivity, protect their workers, and minimise their impact on the environment.

Product Feature

Acid Mist Suppressant

3M™ Acid Mist Suppressant

Acid mist levels can be reduced significantly when 3M™ Acid Mist Suppressant is used alone or in conjunction with mechanical barriers, such as polypropylene macrospheres, with no adverse effects to either the solvent extraction or electrowinning process.

3M™ XF6™ Protective Eyewear

3M™ XF6™ Protective Eyewear

The economical 3M™ XF6™ Series is ideal for all applications, especially industrial and construction and for wearing with earmuffs.

3M™ Nomad™ Extra Duty Unbacked Matting

3M™ Nomad™ Extra Duty Unbacked Matting

3M™ Nomad™ Extra Duty Unbacked Matting can be placed over electrolytic cells in tankhouses to help reduce the amount of acid mist released into the air.

Product Rating

3M™ Noise Indicator NI-100

3M™ Noise Indicator

The NI-100 noise indicator alerts you when noises in an area reach potentially hazardous levels. The noise indicator’s small size and lightweight design make it ideal for workers in a variety of industries. With a rechargeable battery that operates for up to 200 hours between charges, it’s an economical investment in your hearing conservation program.