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Brochures & Guides

Do you want to know more about a specific product? Our Library System product brochures will quickly highlight the features and functions of our products. Brochures will also provide full technical specifications.

RFID Whitepapers

RFID 101

PDF, 209KB

RFID 201

PDF, 199KB

RFID 301

PDF, 327KB

RFID 401

PDF, 185KB

RFID 501

PDF, 351KB

RFID 601

PDF, 282KB

RFID 701

PDF, 287KB

Security Whitepaper

Worth the Risk?



Central Management Software

PDF, 417KB

Disc Media Unlocker

PDF, 436KB

3M™ SelfCheck™ System R-Series

PDF, 517KB

3M™ SelfCheck™ System V-Series Tabletop

PDF, 188KB

3M™ SelfCheck™ System V-Series

PDF, 508KB

3M™ SelfCheck™ System B-Series

PDF, 443KB

3M™ SelfCheck™ System C-Series

PDF, 642KB

3M™ SelfCheck™ System S3-Series

PDF, 642KB

Intelligent Sorter

PDF, 388KB

3M™ Bookdrop


3M™ Intelligent Return Sorter System FX

PDF, 190KB

3M™ Kiosk SelfCheck™ System

PDF, 388KB

Workstations, Media and Accessories

Red Tag Disc Media Protection System

PDF, 1.0MB

3M™ RFID Staff Workstation Model 895

PDF, 640KB

3M™ RFID Staff Workstation Model 946

PDF, 576KB

3M™ RFID Conversion Station

PDF, 764KB

Tattle-Tape™ Security Strips & Applicators

PDF, 751KB

RFID Tags & Tattle-Tape



Tattle-Tape™ Security Strips and Applicators

PDF, 1.4MB

Detection Systems

Detection System Model 8900

PDF, 796KB

Detection System Model EM700

PDF, 495KB

Detection System Model EM500

PDF, 475KB

Detection System Select Series

PDF, 803KB

Detection System Model 3800

PDF, 260KB

Detection System Model 3500

PDF, 340KB

Liberty QX

PDF, 451KB

Liberty PX

PDF, 224KB

Sortation & Stock Management

3M™ SelfCheck™ Systems C-Series

PDF, 642KB

3M™ SelfCheck™ System S3-Series

PDF, 508KB

Intelligent Sorter

PDF, 388KB

Digital Library Assistant

PDF, 424KB