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Repair Service for Australia

Repair Service for Australia
To keep your Littmann stethoscope in optimum condition, we recommend you follow our Cleaning and Care guidelines.

If you do experience a problem with your Littmann stethoscope, you may find the answer in our FAQs. However, if your Littmann stethoscope needs to be repaired, we promise to replace any defective part(s) free of charge within the period of its warranty*. Please complete the form below and return it to the address listed. Please send your stethoscope via traceable means. The safe delivery of your stethoscope is your responsibility until it is received at our facility.

Repair and Refurbishment (Out of Warranty)
Repair and Refurbishment services are provided for stethoscopes outside of warranty. Stethoscopes repaired and refurbished through our Service Centre come with a two-year extended warranty (90 days for the Select and Lightweight models).

Services Include:

  • Replacement of the entire binaural assembly with your choice of tubing colours (see pricing below).
  • Thorough professional cleaning of the entire chestpiece by experienced technicians and replacement of chestpiece rim(s) and diaphragm(s) (a non-chill sleeve for double sided chestpiece also is included).

Classic Models $69.00
Cardiology Models $129.00
Electronic Models $300.00

Determining whether the stethoscope is in warranty.
Stethoscopes manufactured from the year 2000 onwards, have a serial number on the chest piece:

e.g. A0J40786 The highlighted blue section refers to year and month produced, 0 = 2000 and J = 10th month (Oct.) e.g. I0G36453 was made in July, 2000. The second numeric character designates the year e.g 3=2003, 0=2000

Prior to 2000 “dots” or single digit serial numbers are on the stethoscope, which are out of warranty.

Stethoscopes manufactured in 2009, the serial number is 09 for 2009 as 9 is for 1999.

Please complete the form below and send it, along with your stethoscope to the address listed.

Warranty Period

Your Littmann stethoscope comes with the finest service and warranty policy in the industry. If a material or manufacturing defect is discovered during the warranty period, repairs will be done at no charge, except in the cases of obvious abuse or accidental damage. The warranty period will remain in tact if the stethoscope has been engraved providing the stethoscope has not been damaged from the engraving process. The binaural (tubing) must not be removed during the engraving process as this can cause damage, nor should the stethoscope be immersed in water at any time.

Littmann Stethoscope Years of Warranty
Electronic Model 4100WS 2 years
Electronic Model 3000 2 years
Master Cardiology 7 years
Cardiology S.T.C. 6 years
Cardiology III 5 years
Master Classic II 3 years
Classic II S.E. 3 years
Classic II Pediatric 3 years
Classic II Infant 3 years
Select 2 years

What is covered by the warranty?
Faulty workmanship and normal repairs for the periods detailed below. This includes broken eartips, broken binaurals, split tubing, faulty chestpieces (poor machining, marks, etc), faulty electronics ('E' series).

What can NOT be replaced/repaired - both within Warranty and Out-of-Warranty?
Chestpieces cannot be replaced

Littmann Warranty Repair Form
Warranty Repair Form